Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Buddy's Day out!

Looks like someone enjoyed the snow day

Had a very wet snow that my penguin buddy created by Sarah of NYC seemed to enjoy. He had to don his shades because of the glare! I stayed inside where it was warm and finished one of the butter peeps socks. Check it out---

I chose not to make the cables on the foot. They were a bit thick and I thought that it might be uncomfortable in shoes. I did get part of the second felted clog done. Maybe I can felt them by the weekend.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Weekend

Not much happening this weekend- I have not had to answer to anyone this weekend. It was very strange to do what I wanted, watch what I wanted got to bed when I wanted. It almost felt like a vacation. My DH was teaching a seminar in Tampa and I stayed home in beautiful snowy Indiana. It was really kind of nice to have the time to myself. Lots of knitting was done. I am working on a pair of Dream in Color Smooshy socks in Butter Peeps , a lovely shade of creamy spring yellow. I am trying to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome by working both socks at the same time. I adjusted the pattern for the loop and have been working the scks in stages. RIght now one sock is complete to the heel and one has turned the corner and the gusset decreases are done. Time to switch off again. I think this process maybe ok but I did happen to choose a fussy pattern with cables and such. They will be striking when finished- at the same time! Whoo Hoo! Also made one Fiber Trends felted clog. I like the pattern and can't wiat to make the other. Must I go to work tomorrow ? :(

Monday, February 18, 2008

Longing for Spring Questionaire

Time to post my questionaire for the longing for spring swap and boy am I longing for spring. It snows too easily around here.

1.Do you knit or crochet or both? for how long? I taught my self to crochet and knit - many, many years ago. I didn't do as much as I would have liked with it when my kids were little but they are grown and I knit daily. I did crochet my wedding dress.
2. What are your favorite yarns or fibers? I enjoy wools, cottons, bamboo, alpaca, soy. Least favorite? Fiber that are rough and scratchy- they hurt my hands to knit them. I love sock yarn.
3. WHat are your favorite colors? I enjoy most colors- love teal,soft yellows,greens,pinks and lavendar. Not a fan of bright orange or dark purple.
4. What "warm weather" project are ytou looking forward to making this year? I have a short sleeve sweater picked out to make from Cotton Classis in a great lime green. ALso a couple of sleeveless shirts- I would like to tackle the Fibonacci tank in Knitting Magazine from last spring.
5. What is your favorite scent? Least favorite? I like fruit scents especially citrus and vanilla. I am not a floral scent person. They give me a headache.
6. What is your favorite flower? I like carnations and lilies
7.What are your favorite springtime hobbies/activites? I enjoy working in the garden. Walking the neighborhood as everything is bloomingand coming alive again. And KNITTING- good for any season!
8. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies? I have mostly perenials in beds and annuals in pots and as accents. My veggie plot is small with a few tomatoes, peppers and squash.
9. What are your favorite sweets? I love chocolate, unfortunately.
10. Do you collect anything? I love lighthouses and do collect things pertaining to them.
11.Any allergies? Nothing big- mild hayfever type.
12.ANy pets? 2 dogs and a guinea pig( on loan from my daughter- I guess I am pig sitting!)

Hope that helps- Looking forward to a fun swap! Jan

Thursday, February 7, 2008

WInter Wonderland?

We just started February and I am so tired of winter. It has been a weird combination of weather too this winter with thunderstorms and tornados- now what is with that!!! A snow day did help to get some knitting projects done. FInished Charlie Brown socks and most of a dream in color baby sweater PLUS started the first STR socks. I am enjoying those but was surprised to see the dye on my hands after I knit with it. I have red stripes on my fingers :)

My friend and fellow knitster girl, Natalie and I are going to UFO night at Knitting Today. We are having movie night, popcorn and Lucy Neatby flicks and knitting of course! I do have a couple finished projects to show off.

DD, Amanda finished a mitten on her Nifty Knitter. It really turned out quite well. I was having a hard time imagining how it could be done but it it possible. SHe wants to make a scarf from Koigu and I am going to get her the yarn for Valentine's Day. Nothing like yarn to make a girls heart beat faster. Kntting helps break up some of the studying she has to do in engineering school. Beats the heck out of fluids class(whatever that is!)

Hope to sign up for an end of Winter swap- Longing For Spring. Sounds like the thing to cure the winter blahs! Long live spring!