Friday, September 28, 2007

Monkey Progress and Buggy Salad!!

Long time -no post. I guess between knitting and work I haven't even thought about posting. I decided to do my monkey socks on magic loop. I am very pleased at how they came out. I used Shibui Knits for the first time. I can highly suggest using it. SO very soft, nice twist, no splitting . It is a sock knitters dream.
Took a trip to visit my daughter last weekend which meant lost of good knitting time in the car. We met each other halfway, so it was an easier trip. It sure was hot though in ELizabethtown,Ky. We all decided to eat lunch at SHoney's. Amanda(DD) and I had the grilled chicken salad. While its was a little small looking, over all was fine. SO I am munching away when a bug about an inch long comes running out of my salad,over the rim of the bowl and into MY LAP. I jumped up and bug scurries across the floor. I was proud of my slef for not screaming but man I was freaked out. I hadn't planned on that much protein for lunch.
We got free lunch and a card for more free meals but really- it will be a long time before I forget that one or eat at SHoney's again.

Back to work- Later JL

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Monkey Sock Maker

I heard from my secret knitter last Friday. Yea! Glad to know she is out there. I have not received an assigned person yet and am a bit worried. I thought this was a secret swap but I am beginning to wonder now. Not like I am hurting for projects-Ha! I have a couple waiting in the wings .

I am finishing up my very first magic loop toe-up sock. After reorienting my self with the construction, it has gone smoothly. I will post a pic of the finished product soon. I really see why knitters like this type of knitting. I did not teach myself this concept but went to my fav yarn guru Lea-Ann at Knitting Today for a class. She does such a fine job of teaching. Many different levels of knitters in this class and she handled all of us with greatest of patience. Check out her website at . She is great for the maching knitter too.

Enough of a break- The sock is calling!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Monkey Swap Questionaire

My questionaire has arrived and here is all the info:
The basics- I guess I would be somewhere between intermediate and can make them in my sleep. How is that for vague!!
The measurements- Shoe size- 9AAA
Foot circ- 8 inches
Foot Length- 9 1/2

Yarn Preferences
Fav Colors- Teals, greens, reds, pinks, blues- purple is ok- I really do like funky stuff
Soild or variegated- Either
Yarn type- wool cotton, bamboo, alpaca
Never where colors- probably grey, yellow or anything that was mostly orange
Fav yarns- Koigu, Sleeping Dragon, Schafer Anne, Fleece artist merino
Wish List Yarns- Smooshy, Socks that Rock, Shibui, Sweet Georgia,Seawool or Somoko to name a few :)
Cookie A. Patterns
Which have you knit? Monkey only :(
WHich would you like to knit? Thelonious especially
Other inportant stuff
Location of monkey pal? Prefer USA
Allergies? No
Knitting around smoke or pets? Dogs and husband :)
Ravelry?- No invite yet:(

Well that is it. Hope to hear from Monkey pal soon. I can't wait pick out yarn and colors to make some super fun Monkey socks.