Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring FLing Topic of the Week

When did you start drinking coffee? In high school or college- up for all nighters? I started drinking coffee in high school. My parents always drank it everyday so there was the morning ritual- coffee and the paper- sorry to say there were also cigarettes involved too. But that kind of started the taste for it. At the same time, my friends decided it was cool to hang out at a local restaurant( Frisch's) and drink and endless cup of coffee for hours! Remember when they didn't charge for refills! We thought we were the coolest, you know. Coffee was just coffee back then- no big cult following like now. Funny how your taste changes- and your ability to handle all the caffeine too! Back then a drank it for the social thing, wanting to look more mature etc. Now, I stumble to the coffee maker every morning and grind beans in my sleep just to hold that steaming cup of joe under my chin in order to pry my eyes open. Life- ever changing :)


gottaknit said...

Well, that's better then Merlot and Vicadon to keep you awake!! I know!!

Anonymous said...

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