Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monkey Swap 4 questionaire

Here is the Monkey Swap Questionaire:

1.Shoe Size- 9 narrow
2. Foot Length- 9 1/2 inches
3. Circunference- 7 1/4 inches
4.What are your favorite colors? spring greens,teal,coral,pink,buttercup yellow,brown,tan,,red
5.Wardrobe clashing colors? Burgundy,purple, neon
6. Do you prefer solids or variegated? I like them all.
7.Favorite brands of sock yarn? Dream in Color, Snitches, Shi Bui Knits, TV yarn, Claudia- these are some of my very favorites.
8.Any new sock yarn you would like to try? Flat Feet or Austermann Step DUETT
9 Cookie A. pattern you would like to have- I saw a new one on her website called Mingus( that interested me being a jazz fan)
10.ANy Allergies? None
11.Will your knitting be exposed to any critters? Yes, dogs and guinea pig
12.Will your knitting be exposed to cigarette smoke? NO
13. What country are you from? USA
14.Will you be willing to ship international? Prefer not to.


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